God enabled me in my marriage

Susannah Spurgeon | Jun 25 2020
God enabled me in my marriage
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“It was the ever settled purpose of my married life that I should never hinder him in his work for the Lord, never try to keep him from fulfilling his engagements, never plead my own ill-health as a reason why he should remain at home with me…I thank God, now, that He enabled me to carry out this determination” – Susannah Spurgeon 

In addition to supporting Charles in his seasons of depression and illness, Susannah suffered from severe medical issues herself and spent much of her adulthood as an invalid. She often experienced such intense seasons of pain that she could barely move. But Susannah believed God was using her brokenness to refine her character. Her physical agony drew her into closer proximity with a Savior who suffered for her and with her. 

Even in the most excruciating circumnstances, Susannah demonstrated gratitude, joy, peace, and patience. She reflected, “We talked of the Lord’s tender love for His stricken child…I remember feeling that the Lord was very near to us.” 

Susannah's heart, rooted in thanksgiving, trusted God to accomplish his strength through her weakness. “How very good [God] is to unworthy me,” she believed. 

Susannah's enduring legacy beckons each of us to follow in her steps. Her strenuous determination in the midst of personal pain, her indefatigable endurance and resourcefulness, and her tenacious holy hustle reminds us that anyone and everyone can make a difference for Jesus Christ. 

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