Renewing Strength

Devotions | Sep 10 2020
Renewing Strength
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HUMAN strength is of many kinds, but in any form it will spend itself in due time. Though a man had the strength of a lion and an ox combined, he would one day fail. The force of flesh must fade like the grass to which it is likened. Assuredly man’s frail body cannot long be a thing of strength. Knowledge, genius, imagination, prophetic fire, all depart; even before death they often fail. Let every man know therefore that whatever his strength may be, of body, mind, or spirit, if it be his own it will fail him one day. Let him see to it therefore that he does not trust it.

On the other hand, what a contrast there is as to Divine strength! That never fails. With God there are no years to make Him decline with age, no labours to tax His powers. God changes not in any degree whatever: the fountain of His Almightiness still overflows. He made this world; no doubt He has made thousands more; and has still an undiminished power to create.

What then? These two things seem very far away— man with his faintness, his strength gradually drying up: God with His eternity and inexhaustible Omnipotence. If we can bring these two together, if by an act of faith you that are human can be linked with the Divine, what a wondrous thing will happen! You are weakness itself, but if you are united to the Divine strength you shall be infinitely strong.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” If they are apart from God their strength will die out; but when they are linked to God, and wait upon God for everything, casting their nothingness upon His Omnipotence, then shall they find their strength renewed. Grass cut down shall grow again when heaven’s dew shall quicken it. The brook that was ready to dry up shall flow again.

When the heart drinks life from the heart of God, and man is at one with his Maker, then all is well.


Excerpted from the sermon titled “Renewing Strength” ( Isaiah 40:31) by CH Spurgeon. You are encouraged to read the full text of this sermon from